Too much time for blogging

Plan A was to fly to Oviedo this morning and get a bus to Leon, where would stay tonight.  Then tomorrow we would have just an hour or so further to travel by bus to Astorga, where we could collect a ‘pilgrim passport’ and start walking. Plan B was an enjoyable day mooching around Cambridge, facilitated by our very helpful B&B host, then a 6.30 pm flight to Bilbao tonight followed by a longer bus ride all the way to Astorga tomorrow.  

All was going swimmingly until we got to the departure gate at Stansted where we have now been told there is at least a two hour delay :-(.  At least we are not travelling with a baby like the poor woman sitting next to me…. Not a great deal to do here though, and it is going to be very late by the time we get to Bilbao tonight.

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