Sunny Spain

Here at last (Bilbao at least) :-). Our flight finally got in at midnight Spanish time and, by the time we’d picked up the rucksacks, we’d missed the last bus into own. Our bags came off nearly last, having been put in a separate section as ‘fragile’ because of the straps, so the half hour queue for a taxi paled into insignificance besides our relief when the bags finally appeared.

The hotel our man on the ground booked for us at short notice yesterday is very swish and reception were quite unfazed by our late arrival – I just wish we had more time to enjoy the facilities and see something of Bilbao. I’d also willingly have traded our minibar for facilities to make a cup of tea last night! Mustn’t grumble though – for the same reasons as us Martyn got stuck in Amsterdam yesterday and is hoping to be able to get to Milan today, in time for at least part of his meeting. Not sure how much better flights are going to be today.

I’m relieved no air traffic controllers are required for the next leg of our journey, at least! We need to find breakfast shortly and get ourselves to the bus station in good time to buy tickets for the single daily bus to Astorga at 10.45 am – we won’t be taking risks with that, despite Rosie’s feeling that we have earned enough good travel karma for the rest of the trip!

Not sure how much blogging there will be from here on as my 3G sim card doesn’t seem to work in Spain so we are reliant on other’s wifi – we’ll see.



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