I’m a botanist with a passion for the natural world and travel whether that is locally, on foot or by bike, or further afield. This year one of my main projects is a local one, visiting Durham University Botanical Gardens and writing abut what I find. Find out more about these wonderful gardens from The Friends of Durham Botanic Garden website.

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  1. Greetings Heather. I am also a botanist, specialising in the flora of the NW Himalaya and borderlands of W.Tibet, particularly Ladakh. I would be happy to go through any images you have (incl. imperfect ones photographically, as they can assist with clues to identity). Should be in a position to put a decent determination on most. The more pictures of plants I can view, the more my knowledge increases. A lack of funds and poor health means I shall not be in a position to visit the Himalaya again – so must rely on the travels of others. Viewing the images helps me escape, much needed, as have spent 5 years in serious pain for much of every single day, which has been debilitating, mentally & physically; on good days I get on top of things for a few hours (usually not until after midnight). Have enjoyed an initial look at your web-site – excuse the heavier aspects of mine; also if you come across a BBC entry portraying me in an unfavourable light, kindly accept that not everything the BBC ‘publishes’ can be trusted!

    Look forward to hearing from you – images can be sent by whatever method is easiest/most economical. Helpful to have a general location, c. elevation for each image/group of images. I would not use any of your images, for any purpose, without prior permission. I am interested in ecological matters. Perhaps you might like to join my Himalayan Plant Association, see: https://sites.google.com/a/shpa.org.uk/main/latest-situation

    Naturally, no charge.

    Chris C.

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