Rabanal de Camino

Spend a lazy afternoon mooching around the pretty village of Rabanal and chilling out in the hostel garden. Good showers and liberation from boots has improved our feet no end and my shoulders feel much better too. Forage for breakfast foods so we can make an early start tomorrow – lots of uphill, which will be much more pleasant before it warms up too much. Today’s hostel is more basic, costing us just five Euros, but it still has free wifi, which works equally well in the lovely, shady garden :-).

I go to Gregorian chant evensong at the monastery church – feels a bit like a show put on for us – then we eat another good dinner, particularly the gazpacho and cheesecake, while chatting to a fellow pilgrim all the way from Alberta. Early night is in order for our early start.

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