Back to the real world

Happy to report that our trip home from Santiago was much less eventful than travelling out to Astorga.  On picking her rucksack up from the carousel at Stansted, Rosie was cross to find it damp and smelling strongly of rum but at least the broken bottle was in someone else’s bag, not hers! We stopped with Pat/Grandma for lunch, showers and properly clean clothes before I dropped Rosie in Lincoln on my way home.

The walk has really whetted our appetites.  The question now is when Rosie will next have two or three weeks free, when we might think about the Camino Portuguese, ending in Finisterre! Failing that, maybe a shorter walking trip somewhere sunny with  one or more grandmothers in tow next Easter….    That’s it for this blog at least – hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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