Oh What a Beautiful Morning….

It turns out the problems in Srinagar affected communications for much longer than predicted. We’ve had no internet connection for the last ten days or so and I’m having to post blog this after the event. I hope this doesn’t impair your enjoyment too much!

As I write this I am sitting by my picture window watching the sun gradually rise over the Himalayas and still can’t quite believe it! It’s 6.20 am and when I first heard the call to prayer twenty minutes ago only the very tip of the snow clad Stok Kangri was catching the sunlight. Now the sun has crept down almost to the valley bottom but is so low in the sky still that it is highlighting every fold and wrinkle in the lower mountains – so beautiful. Today’s inbound flight is just making the same hair-raising descent we did yesterday! I feel much better this morning after more like a normal nights sleep, though I didn’t sleep very soundly.


The view at 6.05 am


At 6.20 am

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