Nearly there

imageOur longest walking day yet (28.5 km) and we both feel fine at the end of it – feet have recovered and legs are much less stiff.  I guess that answers the question of how long it takes to get into the swing of walking distances every day – a week!  We are now only 47.5 km from Santiago, and are wondering whether we can push ourselves a bit and get to Santiago on Monday to allow ourselves a full day there on Tuesday.

We leave Ligonde as the sun rises this morning – there had been a heavy dew and the now-familiar pockets of mist hung over low-lying fields, but the sky was clear.  We had sunshine most of the day so I, at least, was glad that much of the way was on shady woodland paths. We saw only one other couple on the eight km stretch into Palais de Rei and expected it to get busier after that, but the crowds of the last couple of days never materialised, for some reason – no complaints :-).  We breakfasted on fried bacon and eggs in Palais de Rei, which set us up nicely for the day, only stopping for drinks before lunching in Melide, 15 km later.

The church in Furelos looks to have some interesting, modern stained glass but Rosie won”t let me go in lest my shorts scandalise the priest! She is more interested in the horses and donkeys grazing along the roadside into Melide.  We press on another five km or so after lunch to another small albergue in the village of Boente  – both really pleased with today’s progress.  Rather different to last night’s tranquility as we are near the main road and a large group of cyclists has just come in….

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