Home sweet home (nearly)

We have an early start for our flight home but at least have time for a quick hotel breakfast before being collected at 7 am. The road to the airport is not so busy at this time in the morning and the biggest excitement is a troupe of monkeys cavorting on one of the big New Delhi roundabouts. We are at the airport in plenty of time and checked in by shortly after 8 am for our 11 o’clock flight so there is time for coffee and mooching in the shops. I finally find a T-shirt I think Harry might like and some saffron to take home.

The flight to Dubai passes quickly by the time they have fed us lunch and the wait there is not too long this time. The second leg of the journey drags, partly because my screen doesn’t work, and I read and doze but don’t really sleep. We travel with the sun and it is only just getting dark when we finally arrive at Glasgow; 8 pm local time but half past midnight Delhi time. We are pleased to see the taxi waiting to take us back to John and Helen’s. It seems a very calm car journey compared with recent ones – no shoving our way onto roundabouts already full of traffic! Home for me is a train ride away tomorrow but it’s nice to be on more familiar territory.

What an amazing trip though, and one of the most amazing things is thinking about how soon we’ll be back; next July with a small group of Indus Experiences holiday makers, if all goes to plan. Take a look at the Earth Sciences experiences page of their website if you’re interested.

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